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Lean On Me: Chapter 1
Lucy shivered from the early morning chill.
The mist from the previous night was slowly beginning to disperse just as the first rays of the early morning light came streaming through the branches. Wildlife was beginning to awaken as small critters began to scurry about among the brush. Despite the cold, Lucy couldn’t help but smile as she watched the innocent creatures carry along their merry way.
In a way, she was a little jealous. A part of her sincerely wished she could live that carefree.
A sudden sneeze brought her out of her daydream.
She rubbed her nose with the back of her hand angrily wondering if some asshole was talking behind her back.
The blonde had been waiting for almost half an hour for whoever Mira was sending her out with and she was starting to get impatient. Pulling the flyer out of her pack again she began to review the information for the third time.
A village in Northern Edolas needed some assistance dealing with an infestation of rodents. It was low level,
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Lean On Me: Prologue
Lucy Ashley’s life had never been easy.
Being born the daughter of a successful mob boss seemed good from the outset, until everyone started using you to suck up to dear old daddy. Her father and mother had always been the only ones she could truly rely on. From the ripe young age of eight, mob boss Jude Ashley had taught his daughter the basics of business and leadership.
So when the gang turned on her father and left her cold and hungry in the street, she had just the skill set to survive on her own. She lived the rough life of an alley rat; stealing and fighting in order to scrape by.  Through all of this, she developed her own philosophy on life. To live for herself, and only lean on those with the strengths and abilities that would benefit her.
Eventually, Lucy found her way to the Wizard Guild Fairy Tail. The young rebel had joined largely for her own benefit and protection. It was easier to have a whole group behind you after all and nearly every member of the guild h
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Weird Costumes
“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Natsu whined.
“Hey I had to do this once too y’know!” Lucy scolded as she tied her blonde hair into two pigtails. “Besides someone ripped the only suit they had in my size.”
“But Lucy!” Natsu carried on. “It’s a bunny suit!”
Frowning the blonde looked him over. Natsu stood before her wearing a large white rabbit suit with floppy ears and no opening save for a small hole for his face. Lucy couldn’t help but smile smugly at him.
“Aww but it looks so good on you!” she teased.
Lucy, Natsu, and their team had once again agreed to work at old man Nijima's 8 Island restaurant. The last time Lucy had agreed to work there it had been with just the girls and so she fought a little less violently against having to wear a full body bunny suit. This time however, Gray and Natsu were present.
For once Lucy refused to cave and be the one to wear the humiliating ou
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Ice Fish
“Come on Lucy, you’re falling behind!”
Lucy Heartfilia cursed under her breath as she struggled to trudge through the thigh deep snow of Mt. Hakobe. How Natsu could dance around in the snow in a one sleeved coat, trousers, and sandals of all things was a constant source of irritation to Lucy.
He and other members of the guild claimed that it was because he was a fire wizard, and could keep himself warm. She didn’t dispute these claims since she’d been on enough jobs with Natsu to know this was true. But if that was the case, why did Gray’s ice magic make him cold? And she could remember other times when Natsu had complained about the cold.
This curiosity was part of the reason she had once again gone on a job to Mt. hakobe with the dragon slayer. Despite the fact that every other time Lucy had gone to the mountain it always ended up being stressful for her. From being kidnapped by a vulcanized Macao, to getting caught up in an avalanche partially cau
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Drinking Buddy Danger
Natsu had never been much of a drinker.
Oh there had been fun times with the guild. Parties, spiked drinks, casual drunkenness, etc. So it wasn’t that he never drank or was against drinking. It just wasn’t something he often did. And if it came right down to it he usually ate more than he drank.
As a result what Natsu was like when he was really truly sloshed was something no one in the guild could reliably answer. But it was generally agreed upon that this was for the best. The fire dragon slayer was a walking ticking time bomb of destruction while sober and no one wanted to deal with what he might be capable of while drunk.
So the few times Natsu did go drinking with Cana or any of the others everyone present made sure that he got the most watered down drink possible. Everyone knew this was the rule. Everyone.
Well okay not everyone.
“I wonder if I should try something strong.” Lucy muttered to herself hesitantly as she looked over the list of alcohol i
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Brother, No!
When Zeref had agreed to go shopping with Mavis he had expected to go to a grocery store, maybe a few clothing stores.
Instead he had been taken to that ever expansive hellscape on earth. The closed in prison of mismatched smells and toxic fumes. That inescapable void from which no man returned in proper health.
The perfume section at the mall.
Once the doorway had stood before him he could have gone back. Said he forgot something at home, and run far far away.
But then he had looked down at Mavis’s round happy eyes filled with excitement. Her knee long hair bouncing as she tried to hold in her giddiness. And that smile, dear god that smile.
It was an effective weapon that he had no defense against. Taking a deep breath, Zeref allowed himself to be pulled forward as he became resigned to his fate.
A mix of chemical smells hit him like a bomb and made his stomach churn.
Zeref had little recollection of what his parents had been like, as they had both died when he and his brother w
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Sealand the Prankster
It had all started out as a decently average morning at the world summit meeting. This time around the meeting was being held at England’s place in a nice large, and well furnished meeting room in one of the local business buildings. Most of the workers were off for the day and so the nations had the building more or less to themselves.
England, being the host country, had wanted to arrive at a perfectly decent hour around nine o’clock or so but instead found himself arriving at eleven when he emerged from a black taxi car, paid the driver the correct expenditure, before walking into the building through the swivel doors in the front.
England himself was more or less well composed. His breakfast had been a little taxing however, as he had gone down to his kitchen to find the box of corn flakes he had intended to eat that morning had somehow already been opened and its contents stale. Now England was a gentleman and true gentlemen did not dine on stale corn flakes, even if h
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Okay okay okay
I've made up my mind about something today
After the recent announcement about the RBY rereleases being compatible with the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game I've decided to go ahead and get the re-released versions of the first gen on the nintendo eshop

The games are incredibly cheap at just $10. Which isn't very surprising at all since they haven't updated them at all.

However I have had this goal of having a pokemon team from each pokemon generation game. And the only one I dont have is gen 1. So this is my chance!

The only question now is, WHICH GAME?!

What do you guys think? Should I get Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Red, or Pokemon Blue???


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